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Have a question about Syracuse men’s lacrosse? Join Chris for a Q&A on Wednesday

I’ll be answering all of your Syracuse lacrosse questions with the season over.

Syracuse Athletics

With the Syracuse Orange men’s lacrosse season over, there are plenty of people with many questions regarding the season and the program. We covered what happened and what’s next in a piece on Monday, but there’s still plenty more to discuss.

Given that, I figured I’d do a special question and answer session, kind of like a town hall, for the program. I enjoyed talking to Brent Axe about it all on Monday and I still have a lot to bring up for fans that are interested.

We’ll do it Wednesday at noon ET on the Nunes Magician Twitter account. So follow that if you haven’t yet, and we’ll be talking over there.

Whether you’re on Twitter or not, however, leave your initial questions in the comments below to lead things off. I’ll try to answer as many of them as possible. Try no to leave the same question that someone else already asked (example, should Syracuse fire John Desko? is the same as should John Desko not be the coach of Syracuse men’s lacrosse anymore?).