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John Wildhack talks about Nike and (maybe) new Syracuse football uniforms

We still don’t have THE news we’re looking for, but we’re getting closer.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Notre Dame Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Like the rest of us, you’ve probably been wondering what’s up with the Nike deal that the Syracuse Orange were supposedly signing in the fall. Well, it’s not signed yet, but may be soon. It could also mean we’re getting closer to new football uniforms.

SU athletic director John Wildhack talked to’s Chris Carlson about all of that and more in a couple Friday articles. The one the headline references directly asks about where things stand with Nike (we’re “really close” to an extension, per Wildhack) and the jerseys — to which the Orange AD said “well, time will tell.” For whatever it’s worth, Carlson believes that’s a key part of the response.

They also spoke about the altered Carrier Dome renovation timeline and how it impacts football, in particular. Nothing shocking in there, though the line highlighted below around Syracuse not finalizing the 2020 schedule until Fall 2019 made me want to vomit. We still have two openings that year, with Liberty (at home) and Rutgers (road) already accounted for. Might want to get on that before we’re paying more for bodybag games against whoever’s left. ANYWAY...

That, plus the rest of your Syracuse-related links below:

Syracuse AD John Wildhack on new Nike deal, potential for new football uniforms (

When asked, Wildhack said that sometimes new apparel agreements are accompanied by uniform re-designs, a wish that a number of Syracuse football fans have been clamoring for since the current design in 2014 received mixed reviews. he issues mentioned most often in the current design include the minimal use of orange on the team’s blue and platinum jerseys...

AD John Wildhack on shift to Carrier Dome timeline: ‘We have to be ready to open football’ (

“Nothing is locked for 2020,” Wildhack said. “But we have on-going conversations with the conference on scheduling. Herm (Frazier) and I have told them, ‘Hey, 2020, we may need to open on the road.’ He probably won’t start building the schedule until the Fall of 2019. We’ll know a lot more by then.”

New book on Jim Boeheim explains how he keeps Syracuse ‘in the zone’ (Sporting News)

“A long time ago I interviewed him. He used to get knocked, couldn’t win the big one, all that stuff. I said, ‘Are you a better coach if Keith Smart, that shot clanged off the rim?’ He said, ‘That’s a bunch of bull.’ One shot is not going to make a person. It happened. It went in, so he lost. If it didn’t go in, things would have been different. Now he’s got that monkey off his back.”

March Madness 2019: The biggest Final Four upsets in NCAA Tournament history (CBS Sports)

The Longhorns may have have entered the tournament as a top seed, but only one of these teams had Carmelo Anthony. The freshman standout dropped 33 points and grabbed 14 rebounds to power Syracuse to a 95-84 victory over T.J. Ford’s Texas squad. Syracuse went on to win the national title with a victory over Kansas in the final.

‘The Met Effect’: For Syracuse baseball, an introduction to the major leagues (Daily Orange)

“We’re not really big enough in industry or people to support what it costs to run a Triple-A ball club,” Waful said. “But we don’t have to worry now because the major clubs, they’ve got lots of money. They’re not looking to make money. They’re just looking to train ball players.”

College admissions scandal used black male athletes to make space for their kids (Washington Post)

(with contribution from Don McPherson)

Lorraine Branham steered Newhouse school through turbulent media landscape (

Q&A With 2020 ATH, Danny Dutkiewicz (VUSports)

Could the Carrier Dome be the key to a Virginia title? (Streaking the Lawn)

Syracuse Offer “Answer to a Prayer” for Hawaiian OL (CuseNation)