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Inside lacrosse’s systemic racial problems

The Daily Orange takes a look at a lack of diversity and (resulting) prevalence of racial issues in the sport.

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Denver Outlaws v Chesapeake Bayhawks Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Lacrosse is far from the most diverse sport — something you could probably guess without even diving into the numbers. Yet, it’s important to look at why this is the case, and also the racial issues that can cause within the sport. Luckily, the Daily Orange dove into exactly that with an extensive feature that also spoke to various figures within the Syracuse program.

Among the most notable people interviewed was former SU star Jovan Miller, who describes his own experiences with intolerance within the sport, and also talks about the education issue that comes from most lacrosse players being raised in similar backgrounds and situations that lack diversity (and at times, the right parental guidance).

It’s an interesting read, and one that hopefully leads to greater conversations and change for the sport.

That, plus the rest of your Syracuse-related links below:

Inside the lack of racial diversity in lacrosse (Daily Orange)

“If I were to have worn 22 (historically given to the best player at SU) at Syracuse I think he would’ve been gone (fired) right there when he said it,” Jenkins said. “Everyone said that I was overreacting or soft. Honestly I felt that lacrosse had turned its back on me.” If Rogers apologized and explained that he didn’t understand the significance of what he said, “we (would) brush our hands with it and then we move on,” Miller said.

Syracuse basketball team has a renovated players’ lounge, done in honor of longtime administrative assistant Kelly Seubert (

I didn’t go there to see Jim,” Hergenhan said. “I went there to see Kelly. ... Seeing her in action with all the phone calls and the visitors. Everyone wanted a piece of Jim. And she was so sweet and professional the way she said no to people. She tried to say yes. She tried to accommodate everyone. She was just so friendly. She could say no more nicely than anyone I know. She was perfect.”

Mets’ Todd Frazier on meeting Syracuse’s Jim Boeheim: ‘I felt like I was 12 years old again’ (

Then, Frazier managed to sneak in the question nearly every Syracuse fan for the past several years has wondered. ”I talked to him about the 2-3 zone, why he never goes to man,’’ Frazier said. Ah, the secret code of Boeheim’s kingdom. And what was the coach’s response?

NCAA D1 Council exempts lacrosse from new recruiting proposal (US Lacrosse Magazine)

Men’s and women’s lacrosse were removed from a proposal that the NCAA Division I Council passed during their meeting Thursday and Friday in Indianapolis. For most sports, the new rule will permit contact from or to a coach June 15 of a high school student’s sophomore year and will allow prospective student-athlete visits to start Aug. 1.

14 ACC players who could break out during fall camp (AP)

Tommy Devito, QB, Syracuse Soph.: Devito is the heir apparent to graduated starter Eric Dungey, and threw for 525 yards with four touchdown passes in a relief role. He took most of the first-team snaps during spring ball in 2018 while Dungey healed from injuries, so he was comfortable in that spot this spring.

In the 1930s, the SEC sought to boost regional pride and disrupt the college football establishment (The Athletic)

ACC football: Majority of conference members still looking for starting QBs (AP)

SU curling club competes at National College Curling Championship (Daily Orange)

Mark Richt to join ACC Network as analyst (247Sports)