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(Begrudgingly) Virginia’s championship shows just how dominant ACC has been

We’re not chanting “A-C-C,” but this has been a hell of a decade for the league.

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NCAA Basketball: Final Four-National Championship-Virginia vs Texas Tech Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

No, we’re not claiming Virginia’s national title as some sort of victory for Syracuse. There will be no “A-C-C” chants to echo the SEC’s embarrassing practice that lets Vanderbilt feel like they had something to do with what Alabama football and Kentucky basketball did.

That said, it’s worth looking at what the ACC — which we’ve been members of since July 2013 — has done in the postseason these past 10 years. Some of that success has involved the Orange and some hasn’t. But with or without Virginia’s championship last week, it’s still an impressive run of postseason success.

David Teel wrote about the men’s basketball side of things for the Virginian-Pilot, pointing out the conference’s staggering amount of NCAA Tournament success since 2010. The ACC’s won four championships (Virginia, North Carolina, Duke twice) and has seen six Final Four trips from four different programs — one of those being the Orange. Teel cites the 74-35 NCAA Tournament record as another stunning stat. That also ladders up to a record number of credits paid out to the league in that timeframe. And that’s just men’s basketball.

In the same stretch, the ACC’s won three football titles and participated in all five College Football Playoffs to-date. One women’s basketball team (Notre Dame) has won it all this decade, but an ACC team has been in the title game five times. Other sports have taken home a total of 31 national championships since 2010 (27 if you get rid of Maryland’s four while still a member of the league).

All of this is a long way of saying that the ACC’s really rounded into form in recent years, and right on time with Syracuse’s arrival (give us as much credit for that as you deem fit). We’ll see what the next decade brings. But the recent run of success certainly sets us up nicely as the conference network is set to launch later this year.

That, plus the rest of your Syracuse-related links below:

Virginia’s title puts an exclamation point on ACC’s decade of postseason dominance (The Virginian-Pilot)

Virginia just punctuated 10 years (2010-19) of ACC postseason dominance that saw league teams go 109-58 in the NCAA tournament. The only other decade in which a conference won at least 105 NCAA tournament games: 1990-99, when ACC programs went 105-48. ACC teams went 15-6 in this season’s NCAA and are 74-35 since 2015, a .679 winning percentage over five seasons.

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Yet both schools refuse to get over themselves, convinced somehow that they needn’t offer anything more than the privilege of wearing their gear to lure coaches and players to their campuses. We have built it; you should come. That’s simply not how the basketball world runs anymore, not for teenagers and, as both are finding out, not for adults

How is former four-star recruit Qadir White developing? (

Challenging moments like this have dotted White’s first year on campus. One of a handful of Dino Babers recruits to receive a four-star rating by a major recruiting service, he’s spent the last nine months largely out of the public eye. But he’s been busy -- switching positions and enrolling in the school of Slayton, logging extra hours in an effort to learn the playbook and gradually transforming his body to become more agile and conditioned.

Ex-Syracuse assistant Tammi Reiss named URI women’s basketball coach (Providence Journal)

“From the first time I spoke with Tammi, I knew she was special. Her experience and success as a player at the highest levels of college and professional basketball are certainly terrific,” Bjorn said. “What makes her even more special is the approach she takes in working with young women. I know she will be able to teach them the game of basketball, but she also will teach them leadership, accountability, teamwork and a commitment to excellence.”

The under-the-radar star on each Top 25 college football team (ESPN)

But one of the reasons the whole thing worked so well was the exceptional effort of the cornerbacks, led by Fredrick. One year after a disastrous secondary upended Syracuse’s season, the unit was among the most improved in college football. And Fredrick proved to be a valuable leader, allowing fewer than 50 percent completions and just 6.8 yards per attempt when serving as the primary defender.

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