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Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast: Syracuse football spring game preview

A football episode, as most end up being in one way or another.

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The Syracuse Orange spring game is this weekend. So of course, we’re talking all about what to expect on both sides of the ball, plus what you probably won’t see a whole lot of. Is this year’s game actually going to stream? Feel like it would be nice if it did...

Some of the larger topics this week:

  • The Mets have Major League Baseball’s best beer situation
  • DJ Chainsaw makes his podcast debut
  • There should probably be an official succession plan for Jim Boeheim
  • More 2020 football scheduling nonsense
  • Defensive depth has developed to the point where we have TOO MANY quality players
  • John Wildhack has an opportunity to create a very impressive legacy at Syracuse
  • Want more beer? Follow John and Dan on Untappd!

Plan accordingly: This podcast runs around 50 minutes. The first half is all football, then we move onto Boeheim-related conversations.

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