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Ciao Boeheim!: Syracuse men’s basketball to spend August in Italy

Jim Boeheim will finally get his authentic Italian cuisine before next season.

Virginia v Syracuse
Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The NCAA has plenty of silly little rules, and one such silly rule is regulations on when a team can open a season early internationally with extra practices. Back in 2013, Syracuse Orange head coach Jim Boeheim really wanted to take the men’s basketball team to Italy. Instead, they ended up at home with games in Canada. Looks like Jimmy B will finally get that authentic pasta this summer.

Syracuse is in Sicily. Home games.

On face, this makes a ton of sense. Next year’s team will be a mix of youth and experience, but a lot of youth at key positions. With the scheduling complications of the 2019-20 season already apparent, these extra games will help the young Orange be in the best position to win early, mitigating slip-ups versus a weaker schedule.

But most importantly, we get to make Jim Boeheim travel/Italian food jokes all summer (note: can the ACC Network PLEASE make his food/travel show the centerpiece of the launch) Some varieties of these jokes will include:

  • “This food isn’t as good as (insert local CNY establishment).”
  • “Where’s the nearest Denny’s to insert Italian city team is in?
  • “Italy is just Syracuse with less snow and more pasta.”
  • “So the city is old? Big whoop, I have shoes older than these buildings.”

Who’s planning an Italian vacation this summer? Excited to see Syracuse get an early start to next year? Let us know in the comments.