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Jim Boeheim’s back-and-forth with officials one of many examples in college basketball

Boeheim’s used as an example, but he’s one of numerous coaches that creates a lively conversation going with referees.

NCAA Basketball: Colgate at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Some of fans’ favorite moments in Jim Boeheim’s long career as Syracuse Orange head coach have come from disagreement with officials. From the Duke jacket toss to the Michael Graham incident and many, many more, his back-and-forth with officials has long been part of how we see him on the sidelines and after games.

Sports Illustrated gets this, so it came as no surprise that a Boeheim quip led off its Thursday article around the relationship between coaches and officials. Following the waved-off Eric Devendorf jumper at the close of regulation prior to what would be six overtimes in 2009, there was this exchange courtesy of Jim Cahill:

“I had to go down to Coach [Jim] Boeheim. And I said, ‘Coach, that basket is no good.’ And he replied something similar to, ‘You better be right.’ And there were a few expletives interspersed in that.”

Granted, we may be fine with the result of him being right, even if it meant erasing Devendorf’s memorable shot and tabletop celebration.

That, plus the rest of your Syracuse-related links below:

The Fiery and Fickle Relationship Between College Basketball Coaches and Refs (Sports Illustrated)

Cahill, who officiated for 40 years in multiple conferences before becoming the Big East’s director of officiating, was confident he made the right call that night and didn’t get much of an earful from either coach during the extra periods. Recently though, the more fiery side of the interplay between coaches and officials has made headlines.

New crease dive rule already a headache for Syracuse lacrosse (

“I’m trying to defend Drake at all costs. So I’d rather push someone than have them dive at my goalie,’’ Dearth said earlier this week. “I would probably do it again if it meant that Drake’s not getting hit in the knees. I’d rather give up a penalty and protect our player. I’d figure that’s just the way we’d want it as a team.’’

Gabrielle Cooper’s health battle has derailed her junior season (Daily Orange)

Cooper usually rocked the ball from the middle of her face, and Kolinski identified the unnecessary movement. Cooper needed to start her shot from her right side. Cooper started the process with one-arm shooting, committing the form to muscle memory. Then, Kolinski threw passes to Cooper’s right side so “all she has to do is go up.” Kolinski said it only takes 30 days to break a habit.

Abdul Adams has ‘painted the picture’ for what a big-time running back looks like (

Adams might remind Syracuse football fans of a player such as Delone Carter or Curtis Brinkley. Adams is 2 inches taller than Brinkley and a bit heavier, but the two were both considered top-15 players at their position coming out of high school, all-purpose backs who can hurt defenses catching the ball out of the backfield. Zaccardo had not seen a running back with as well-rounded a game as Adams’s in the Syracuse backfield until he arrived.

NCAA tournament Bubble Watch: The boundaries of the bubble (ESPN)

No, short of a very big win or two at the ACC tournament, it appears the Orange really will get that No. 8 seed, or something close to it, that everyone has been talking about for a while now. In that capacity, Jim Boeheim’s men will be eminently well equipped to scare the wits out of some zone-phobic top seed in the round of 32. That should be fun to watch.

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