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Unpeeling Syracuse basketball: Orange vs. Virginia preview

Can Syracuse snag a big win tonight and vault themselves out of the 8/9 matchup in the NCAAs?

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The Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team took care of business against Wake Forest, but now have a much better opponent up next in the Virginia Cavaliers. We get to talking about that game tonight, plus what else is ahead for SU.

Some of the larger topics during this Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast production:

  • Syracuse’s NET rating and where it’s headed
  • ACC Tournament thoughts
  • How the 2-3 zone’s been looking this season (and especially lately)
  • How ugly, aesthetically, could the Virginia game get tonight?
  • Some jokes at UConn’s expense
  • What went right for the Orange vs. Wake Forest

Plan accordingly: This podcast runs a brisk 35 minutes. We get to previewing tonight’s game against UVA and looking ahead at what’s next, too.

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