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Hey Noah Syndergaard, let’s bury the hatchet (hammer)

The Orange and Blue should stick together, Thor.

MLB: Spring Training-Miami Marlins at New York Mets Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Noah Syndergaard,

It’s been a rough week for Syracuse Orange fans with both of our basketball teams seeing their seasons end earlier than we’d hope. It’s nearly April and spring hasn’t made it to Central New York so we’re a little on edge. We were excited that the Carrier Dome welcomes the New York Mets today until you went all “Jim Boeheim being told he was going to Greensboro” on us the other day.

I mean “Ouch” man. That’s a little rough for us to hear right now. It’s true that championship baseball teams aren’t likely to come to Syracuse to prepare to win a World Series -- although in the Mets case nothing else they’ve done in the last 30+ years has been the right way. Your friends at TNIAAM just want to make you aware that a trip to the Cuse can help this Mets team.

Look around the Dome today and you’ll see that since 1986 Syracuse has done a lot better job of winning titles. We’ve got 10 Men’s Lacrosse, 1 Men’s Basketball, 1 Field Hockey and 1 in Men’s Cross-Country in that time frame. We’re not telling you this to brag or poke fun at our orange and blue brethren but merely to say that as the 1st MLB team to come to the Dome maybe some of our prestige will carry over.

We know that the Philadelphia Phillies stole the headlines this winter by signing Bryce Harper so have Dino Babers stop over and show Mickey Callaway a thing or do about locker room speeches. We’ll have Dino bring over the Camping World Bowl trophy so you guys can rub it for luck.

If that doesn’t convince you that there’s some magic from those metal bleachers, then maybe you guys can take the Billy Joel banner for luck (no, really, just take it). There’s that whole No. 7 and 7 Train connection and we think it’s probably better off at Citi Field anyway since we’ve got some renovations coming and really need to refresh our decor.

Enjoy the quick visit, Noah, and be sure to come back again when you’ve got some time to explore the Salt City. We’ll have Boeheim get you and Tim Tebow some courtside seats for a game and then take you out for some chicken parm afterwards.