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Former Syracuse football players put best foot forward on Pro Day

Some former players surprised with strong showings, while others didn’t necessarily move the needle as much.

The Syracuse Orange football Pro Day took place at Ensley Athletic Center yesterday with 13 former Orange players participating. The drills included weight room sessions along with the 40-yard dash, broad jump, 3-cone drill, 20-yard shuttle and more.

Here are the top performers in the drills yesterday:

40-Yard Dash:

Brisly Estime – 4.66

Dontae Strickland – 4.68

Eric Dungey – 4.68

Bench Press (225 lbs.):

Cody Conway – 25

Koda Martin – 24

Ravian Pierce – 24

Vertical Jump:

Ryan Guthrie – 34”

Kielan Whitner – 33.5”

Jamal Custis – 32.5”

Broad Jump:

Ryan Guthrie – 10’3”

Kielan Whitner – 10’0”

Dontae Strickland – 9’11 ½”

3-Cone Drill:

Ryan Guthrie – 6.96

Eric Dungey – 7.02

Brisly Estime – 7.17

20-Yard Shuttle:

Ryan Guthrie – 4.22

Brisly Estime – 4.37

Kielan Whitner – 4.40

60-Yard Shuttle:

Ryan Guthrie – 11.62

Dontae Strickland – 11.80

Kielan Whitner – 11.97

NOTE: Slayton chose not to bench press and Custis chose not to run the 40-yard dash after both felt good about the numbers they posted at the NFL Combine.

Dungey Plays Well, But Not Exceptional

Eric Dungey performed very well in a number of the drills. He would have ranked third among quarterbacks in the 3-cone drill at the combine and fifth in the 40-yard dash. When it came to throwing to receivers, however, there were some ups and downs.

Dungey completed 38 of his 48 scripted passes. However, that figure does not paint the whole picture, as five of those incompletions were dropped by his wide receivers.

Dungey completed all of his short distance throws and almost all of his intermediate range passes. On the deep balls, his accuracy began to get a little more spotty, with a couple throws trailing off quite a long way. In fairness, one of those atrocious inaccurate throws occurred in large part because receiver Jamal Custis lost track of the ball.

As a whole, Dungey looked mechanically sharper and very consistent on his throws, something he noted he’s put a lot of work into over the past few weeks.

“My throwing motion was all messed up,” Dungey said. “My four years of college I wasn’t using my legs. I’m still fine tuning that.”

Eric Dungey gave a lot of credit to his trainers and noted that he felt good about his performance, especially since he wasn’t invited to the combine.

“I think I could have gone there and done really well, but I just want to compete,” Dungey said.

Most Valuable Performer

The shoe-in candidate here has to be Ryan Guthrie. He not only finished in the Top 3 of every drill but the bench press and 40-yard dash, he led the way in all of them. His vertical jump would’ve put him in the Top 15 among linebackers at the Combine and his broad jump, 3-cone drill, 20-yard shuttle and 60-yard shuttle would’ve all been in the Top 10. In particular, his 60-yard shuttle would have him at third.

Guthrie described a rigorous daily routine over the past eight weeks of waking up at 5 a.m., driving 45 minutes to U48 Fitness near his home in Georgia, doing two workouts with former teammate Kielan Whitner and having meals planned out around them.

The former JUCO transfer who led the ACC in tackles with 107 in the 2018 season was looking to prove to scouts he’d do anything to get a shot.

“I want to show that I’m versatile, that I can eat dirt,” Guthrie said. “I’ll do whatever they want me to do to get on the field.”