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TNIAAM Bracket Extravaganzapaloozaramathon 2019

Can you make more correct arbitrary picks of games than I, featuring teams neither of us know much about?

Syracuse v Virginia Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Hello, Kids!

Do you want to participate in a bracket challenge amongst your fellow Nunesians?


The password is: orange

Make sure to add your Nunes handle to your entry name so we can mock you.

Awesome! Now that you’ve entered, let me lay it on you that there are no prizes or cash considerations for excellence in this endeavor; this contest is purely for bragging rights.

Remember all those times I’ve spouted uninformed gibberish on this site and you wanted to slam-dunk it back down my digital throat? Now’s your chance! In fact, this is your opportunity to demonstrate to everyone here once and for all that you’re most insightful mother-Foodlioning college hoops prognosticator on this blog.

I will offer round-by-round updates and highlight the peculiarities.

Below are the prizes that WERE lined up for the Top 5, but the sponsorships needed for the budget just didn’t come through in time. What can I say, those Spano and McFarlane guys I hired really dropped the ball.


5) In honor of my town’s mayor now being on Adam Weitsman’s flank, I’ll save you a seat next time I’m court-side at a ‘Cuse/Duke ACC Tournament game.

Boeheim’s Entourage, March 16, 2019

4) A year’s pass to bang on the Carrier Dome HVAC ducts as much as you want.

3) A brand new Chuck’s and Funk’n’Waffles built in your back yard.

Footnote image from King James Bible entry for ‘Den of Iniquity’

2) A six-month contract with Hakim Warrick to tea-bag dunk on anyone you wish. (May I suggest your boss, or Roger Stone)

1) A custom Special Edition of Red Dead Redemption 2, in which all wild game is replaced with opponents’ mascots.

“This is totally gonna tie the living room at Beecher’s Hope together perfectly.”

Ok. Enough playtime with photoshop. Make your picks using the link above, and talk all the smack in the comments below.