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One last look at Syracuse basketball’s NCAA Tournament résumé via team sheet

Today is the day!

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament-Duke vs Syracuse Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange finished the regular season with a 20-13 record overall and a 10-8 record in ACC play. While the 2019 NCAA Tournament selection show is slated to air at 6 p.m. ET tonight on CBS, let’s take one last dive into Syracuse’s résumé before Selection Sunday is officially underway.

Below is Syracuse’s team sheet, or what the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee will use to evaluate the Orange and to determine its seeding for the tournament.,%202019.pdf

Syracuse finished No. 42 in the NET, which is a tool used by the selection committee to rank teams as well as sort résumé wins and losses by quadrants. Quadrants are sorted one through four with one being the highest quality and four being the lowest.

Quadrant 1 (Q1): Home (1-30) Neutral (1-50) Away (1-75)

Quadrant 2 (Q2): Home (31-75) Neutral (51-100) Away (76-135)

Quadrant 3 (Q3): Home (76-160) Neutral (101-200) Away (136-240)

Quadrant 4 (Q4): Home (161-353) Neutral (201-353) Away (241-353)

As per the team sheet above, Syracuse’s record by quadrants is as follows:

Quadrant 1 (Q1): 3-9

Quadrant 2 (Q2): 3-2

Quadrant 3 (Q3): 10-2

Quadrant 4 (Q4): 4-0

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at Duke Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse’s three Q1 wins standout as the Orange took down Duke and Ohio State on the road and Louisville at home. Syracuse’s two Q3 losses also standout as the Orange dropped games to Old Dominion and Georgia Tech at home.

On top of the NET, the selection committee will also take into account KPI, Strength of Record, BPI, KenPom and Sagarin ratings. It’s worth noting that Syracuse ranks higher in all of those aforementioned areas than in the NET. The Orange finished with a KPI of 36 and an SOR of 36. BPI, KenPom and Sagarin rankings were 33, 34 and 33, respectively.

All that to say, this should roughly leave Syracuse on the No. 9 or No. 10 seed line. That can change though based on other selection criteria. It will also be interesting to hear whether or not the committee gives consideration to Frank Howard missing the first four games of the season (SU 2-2 without him), the Orange’s win over Duke without Tre Jones and Cam Reddish as well as Tyus Battle missing the ACC Tournament (1-1 without him).

Either way, we’ll find out where Syracuse is seeded and in what region during the selection show at 6 p.m. ET on CBS.

What do you think? What seed line would you like to see Syracuse on and what region/location would you like to see SU compete in? Join in on the discussion below.