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NCAA Tournament tracker: Which results mattered most for Syracuse last night?

Syracuse’s loss didn’t do any damage to their seed. But what else happened around the country?

NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Conference Tournament-Indiana-Ohio State David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

So I’ve heard some of you don’t care what happens around the country. That’s fine. You don’t have to. But care or not, the results in other college basketball games do affect the Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team’s seeding in this year’s NCAA Tournament (yes, they’re in the field but we’re still waiting to see which line they land on).

Last night’s loss did no harm to Syracuse’s seeding at all. Did any results around the country impact SU at all? We take a quick look at scores both positive and negative.

Virginia 76, NC State 56

State couldn’t turn a two-point halftime lead into a win... something we’re familiar with against UVA. That means the Pack won’t be playing their way into any better seed or one competitive with Syracuse. They’re probably in the field, however, despite the worst non-conference SOS in the country.

North Carolina 83, Louisville 70

No real impact here beyond Louisville not being able to play itself up to any better seed than they’re already at. They may be in a similar spot to the Orange come Sunday.

Kansas State 70, TCU 61

TCU has no change to play itself up to any better seeding, and is probably hanging around the bubble — or at best, a 10-seed.

Buffalo 82, Akron 46

We’re not worried about bid-stealing in the MAC, but the more Buffalo wins, the better Syracuse’s loss to the Bulls looks.

Marquette 86, St. John’s 54

St. John’s probably got themselves in the field by winning the first round... though this blowout loss may call that into question. In any case, they won’t be in the general area of Syracuse, so one less team on the 9-line or so.

Ohio State 79, Indiana 75

Ohio State had no risk of losing its Quad 1 win status for SU, but they were teetering toward dropping of the NCAA Tournament field. That’s less of a concern now that they beat fellow March Madness hopeful, the Hoosiers. It helps Syracuse, even if just mildly. that they’re still alive.

Iowa State 83, Baylor 66

The Bears are in the same general range of the NET as Syracuse, and now unlike the Orange, they’re sitting on just 19 wins. Baylor is probably an 8-seed, but could maybe wind up in the conversation with SU and a host of other teams in the general 8/9 area. Just notable.

NCAA Basketball: Empire Classic-Connecticut at Syracuse Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

UConn 80, USF 73

The Huskies avoid dropping out of the top 100 in NET rating, which is helpful for Syracuse because it means they likely stay a Quad 2 loss.

Old Dominion 57, Louisiana Tech 56

ODU can’t move up or down from the Quad 3 loss they already are, but winning the C-USA title would make it look better for the Orange. They still have a chance to do that here by winning this quarterfinal game.

Alabama 62, Ole Miss 57

Ole Miss was in the 8/9-seed range, but an early loss in the SEC Tournament could put them on the lower end of that group.

Seton Hall 73, Georgetown 57

Georgetown had recently dropped out of Quad 2 win territory, and now after losing to Seton Hall, they won’t jump back in.

Eastern Washington 90, Montana State 84

EWU can’t upgrade their quadrant, but they can just keep playing and maybe win the Big Sky which would be a little helpful to the Orange resume.

Oregon 66, Utah 54

The Ducks survive, as does the hope that the Orange loss to Oregon moves up to the Quad 1 variety. It’s getting close at this point.