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ACC Network adds DirecTV to growing carrier/platform list

Some positive momentum for the ESPN-owned network launching in August.

NCAA Football: ACC Championship-Clemson vs Miami Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve known for awhile that the ACC Network plans on launching August 22 this fall. What we’ve been missing, with few exceptions is where that network will actually be carried.

While we’re sure that plenty of Syracuse Orange sports (both revenue and Olympic) will end up on the Network, along with non-Live sports content that will need to set it apart, the distribution model has been shrouded largely in secrecy as things get going. Today, we got our biggest news yet, however, about where exactly the ACC Network will be carried:

DirecTV is a huge get and now the anchor that pushes pick-up from the other major carriers and platforms. With DirecTV and Hulu already on board, that means national distribution for anyone that subscribes to either (or both, I guess, if you wanted to do that). Verizon Fios, Optimum, Playstation Vue and Altice (not pictured) are obviously no slouches either when it comes to audiences they have access to.

Some of the bigger misses pieces, however, include Spectrum (formerly Time Warner Cable) — plus Comcast, Charter, Dish Network and AT&T U-verse. The latter is owned by the same company as DirecTV though, so one would think that comes shortly thereafter.

Does this mean Spectrum and the other big names will be sans ACC Network? No. There’s still plenty of time for them and ESPN to come to a deal before football season begins. In fact, it’s quite normal for providers and channels to publicly air their grievance in an attempt to leverage customers. ESPN and the ACC putting out this DirecTV announcement as a sort of momentum release will only increase the pressure for the carriers and platforms not yet on board to make it happen soon.

So let’s frame this a different way: if you’re a Spectrum subscriber or subscriber to service not listed above (like myself), would you switch to get the ACC Network? And if not, are you contacting your current service provider to make sure you have the network in the coming months?