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Syracuse Sports Make Me Drink: ACC Tournament preview

Hopefully the Orange end all NCAA Tournament worries by winning a game or two in Charlotte.

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Welp, the Syracuse Orange’s game against Clemson went about as poorly as possible. So now we need to reassess where the team’s at heading into the ACC Tournament, while also talking a lot about what needs to happen in said ACC Tournament for us to feel comfortable about the Orange’s bubble status (or lack thereof).

Some of the larger topics this week:

  • Rick Barnes slander
  • There’s only about five teams that can win the NCAA title this year
  • How far can SU’s women’s basketball team go in the tournament?
  • Why Syracuse’s big men get into foul trouble so often
  • Could the Orange get into the field without a win over BC/Pitt?
  • Recapping everything that went wrong vs. Clemson
  • Want more beer? Follow John and Dan on Untappd!

Plan accordingly: This podcast runs around 50 minutes or so. We relive Saturday’s nightmare early, before moving onto bracketology, women’s basketball and the ACC Tournament last.

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