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Syracuse Sports Make Me Drink: Orange vs. Wake Forest/ACC Tournament seedings

John and Dan look back on the last two losses, while looking ahead at Syracuse potentially locking up an NCAA bid.

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The Syracuse Orange are getting close to locking up an NCAA Tournament bid, but they’re not there quite yet. John and Dan dive into the final three games, what needs to happen for SU to be considered “in” and a look ahead at the ACC Tournament.

Some of the larger topics this week:

  • Do we want to face Duke in the ACC Tournament? (probably)
  • Does 1-2 get Syracuse in? We’re a bit torn...
  • For the fourth straight week, John picks UNC to make the Final Four
  • Potential surprise teams in this year’s NCAA Tournament
  • The Louisville win was arguably the team’s most fun since like February 2014
  • Tyus Battle, hero ball and why someone else needs to get involved on offense
  • Want more beer? Follow John and Dan on Untappd!

Plan accordingly: This podcast runs about around 50 minutes. It’s heavy on ACC Tournament and NCAA Tournament talk.

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