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#FakeNunes preview: Syracuse Orange vs. Florida State Seminoles

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What to know about the ‘Noles...

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at Florida State Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Can the Syracuse Orange defend the Dome? It’s going up on a Tuesday....

Opponent: Florida State Seminoles

Location: Tallahassee, Florida

Students: 41,717

The 2019 Fake Nunes Equation of Tumult (#FNET)

You wanted something more ridiculous than RPI well the NCAA gave you NET and we give you the FNET

Head Coach Bench Attire:

Leonard Hamilton goes back and forth between two looks but only one of them is worthy of praise and it’s this one. This isn’t a guy content with coaching a basketball game, nope. This is a guy who will coach a game and then meet you back at the hotel bar where he’ll play all your requests on the grand piano in the longue.

NCAA Basketball: Florida State at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Advantage: Florida State because Jim Boeheim only plays the songs he wants to hear

NBA 2K Playability:

Despite a poor shooing night at Pittsburgh Tyus Battle is a walking bucket. His array of moves would make his video game character one you’d certainly take.

Advantage: Syracuse

Basketball Program Hashtag:

#CuseMode vs #MarchOn

Finally a bit of creativity. FSU was one step away from the Final Four last year so that hashtag makes a lot of sense.

Advantage: Florida State

ACC Social Media Favorites:

Even the cold-hearted Carolina media folks are warming up to the idea of Buddy Boeheim bombing 3s off the bench for his Dad... but they aren’t fully melted yet mostly because smooth jazz Leonard has them smitten

Advantage: Florida State

Boeheim Jacket Toss Meter

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at Boston College Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

5/10 Ok Jim, we’re getting wise to your game. We go high you stay buttoned up. We guess low and the jacket gets thrown....well let’s see what happens when we play it right down the middle.


Syracuse has been doing the unexpected this season so this seems like a game where they step back after finding road success which means that they’ll win comfortably but that just sets us up for disappointment so then they will....*head explodes*