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Unpeeling Syracuse basketball: Orange vs. Louisville preview

Let’s turn the page on a disastrous effort against NC State...

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The Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team has a critical week coming up, with matchups against both Louisville and Duke. A win in either game would sure do a lot to help SU when it comes to making the NCAA Tournament.

Some of the larger topics during this Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast production:

  • Another look at what exactly went wrong against NC State
  • Glancing at the ACC’s 20-game schedule (and the good/bad for Syracuse)
  • Is there any shot that Syracuse can beat Duke again?
  • Louisville’s collapse, and how that may relate to this game vs. SU
  • NCAA Tournament look ahead... if Syracuse can get there
  • Elijah Hughes, and what’s been going on lately

Plan accordingly: This podcast runs about around 45 minutes, and is all Syracuse basketball, as you probably figured.

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