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Creating the depth chart for the Syracuse football All-21st-Century Team

What’s a team without a depth chart?

Champ Sports Bowl - Syracuse vs Georgia Tech - December 21, 2004

Since we’re actually at the end of the line for the 2019 calendar year and the end of the Syracuse Orange football calendar, it seems fitting to take another look at some of the selections that the Nunes staff made for the All-21st-Century football team. Back in October, John, Kevin and myself took a stab at putting together a list of the best to play each position in an Orange uniform since the turn of the century.

Only players who strapped on cleats during the 2000 football season or later were eligible. Similarly, players were only judged on a sample of what they did during that timeframe. As such, certain players, like James Mungro, or Duke Pettijohn made the two-deep, with only a year or two of their contributions counting in the exercise.

As the exercise was completed at the start of the 2019 season, there may have been some moving and shaking on some of the active players, but overall, it’s a good look at the talent that has graced the field for Syracuse over the last 20 football seasons.

A good number of current, former and future NFL caliber talent fill out the roster at numerous positions. There were names that immediately jump out, the Eric Dungey and Ryan Nassib combination at quarterback was an easy choice. There was an embarrassment of riches at defensive end, with Dwight Freeney, Chandler Jones, Jameel McClain and Pettijohn all making the list, along with the now-former star in Alton Robinson. Justin Pugh and Adam Terry would make a tackle combination that the Orange would love at present.

There were also a few names that I had forgotten, or forgotten how good they were until I looked back. Mike Holmes jumped out at cornerback as someone who was a standout on some bad teams. Walter Reyes was always going to be my first selection, but looking back on how good he was, even though he was stuck at the end of the Pasqualoni era was eye opening.

If you’d like to take a trip down memory lane and see the full breakdowns of the voting, or just see some names you haven’t heard in a while, check out each of the position breakouts below -

Feel free to let us know your thoughts on anyone left off and deserving of a spot on the depth chart.