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Year-in-review: Our favorite TNIAAM staff articles of 2019

Wrapping up our annual recap series with the best work from TNIAAM’s staff.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Duke James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously this place can’t just run on my blood, sweat and tears beers — and it doesn’t! Given all that goes on with Syracuse Orange sports in a given year, the TNIAAM staff is crucial to us covering as much of those happenings as possible. A very eventful (and upsetting) 2019 was no different. And with that in mind, I wanted to feature some of my favorite posts from TNIAAM’s staff (other than myself) following yet another successful year doing this.

These aren’t ranked at all, so enjoy them in chronological order one more time before we turn the page to what’s hopefully a much better 2020 on the field of play. And thanks to the the TNIAAM staff, in particular, for helping me retain my sanity during these hectic last 12 months.

Proud Canadian Oshae Brissett talks basketball expansion north of the border, and Syracuse pipeline (James Szuba)

Well before the Raptors won the NBA Finals in June, Syracuse was building a pretty solid pipeline up north. They continue to do so today, and Oshae Brissett is yet another example of how Jim Boeheim’s able to find talent in Canada. James digs into Brissett’s side of the story on SU’s history and how the sport’s grown in his home country.

When it comes to Syracuse basketball, you’re right (Matt McClusky)

Before we got into the current conversation around Boeheim’s Syracuse basketball program, we had a slightly different conversation: What should we expect of the program at this point, and how does that affect the future? Matt summed it up rather well in a way that didn’t make anyone feel like their opinion was being disregarded.

Introducing the ‘feats of Orange’ from the Council of 44 (Kevin Wall)

Kevin’s always great at taking what seems like a pretty small nugget of information and expanding it into something full of #jokesandgarbage. After John Wildhack and Dino Babers seemed to indicate a series of standards a player would meet to wear 44 for Syracuse, Kevin shared the OFFICIAL list of feats required. Is anyone up to the task? We’ll see.

Syracuse men’s lacrosse: Wrapping up the 2019 season and looking ahead to 2020 (Chris Jastrzembski)

SU men’s lacrosse disappointed yet again, and if there was one article that was necessary following a season we’d prefer to forget, this one was it. Chris has a unique sense of Orange MLAX’s past and present, and conveys it here. Hopefully we don’t need another one of these come the spring.

Which classes would we want to see Dino Babers teach? (Kevin Wall)

Given how expensive college football coaches are, it would make sense that they take on another task or two for their universities. Dino Babers seems pretty qualified to teach at least a few courses — like the ones Kevin notes.

Local basketball coach understandably doesn’t want to be interviewed after loss (James Szuba)

Boeheim rarely want to talk about losses when he’s on the sidelines — yet has to by contractual obligation. When “his” Army loses (and he doesn’t have to talk to anyone about it), he’s even less willing.

Syracuse basketball: Death by a thousand cuts (Dave Stone)

Dave took a granular look at the last five years or so of Orange men’s basketball, showing all of the small issues that have gradually added up into numerous big things that are now threatening the present and future success we hope to enjoy as a fan base.

Tommy DeVito’s first start for Syacuse lacks, but there were reasons (good and bad) for that (Steve Haller)

Plenty of you loved to hate Tommy DeVito for various reasons, and that started with his play in week one vs. Liberty. Never mind the fact that he corrected many of these issues as the season wore on, played through injury and overall put up a pretty solid season statistically. Fans were still mad he wasn’t both setting records AND winning. But BEFORE all of that, Steve dove into some of the Xs and Os of his game... and the O-line issues we were only beginning to see in action.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse football: This is the hard part (Andy Pregler)

I don’t want to talk about the Maryland game. YOU don’t want to talk about the Maryland game. But Andy did back in September. A lot of what Andy wrote still applies post-season.

Harlem native Jalen Carey ready to shine for Syracuse basketball (James Szuba)

James has made it a tradition now to provide a really in-depth feature on a member of the Orange men’s basketball team in the lead-up to the season. This year’s was a story on (former) starting point guard Jalen Carey, providing a look at how he got to SU and what he’s overcome to succeed.

Elijah Hughes to fight for ACC scoring title as he leads Syracuse, inspires Beacon (Bobby Manning)

Bobby also got to tell his own detailed story — about SU leading scorer Elijah Hughes, the town that raised him and how he still represents Beacon while playing for the Orange.

How can Syracuse improve this struggling offense? (Kevin Wall)

Syracuse’s defense is a major problem, but the offense isn’t without its flaws. Kevin utilized advanced metrics to take a look at where things are struggling... and also where things can be improved. It hasn’t necessarily happened on the court to the extent we’d like just yet.


This only scratches the surface of what I enjoyed reading here in 2019. And just because an article’s not here doesn’t mean it wasn’t a big piece of what we do here every year. TNIAAM is ancient by internet standards, but hopefully we’re continuing to evolve and create new ways to keep you all interested in coming back. Thanks to everyone for for writing, commenting and making it all worthwhile.