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Christmas gifts for Syracuse Athletics

We asked you to play Santa and here’s what you want to deliver

NCAA Basketball: St. John at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to the holidays it’s truly better to give than receive so yesterday we asked Syracuse Orange fans what they would give as gifts this year.

Many of you felt the Syracuse Men’s Basketball team needed some bulk in the middle.

When it came to Syracuse Football, size was also a common theme

Thankfully Dino Babers is going to get himself that gift with four starters (possibly five if Sam Heckel’s healthy next fall) returning. There’s also a chance Florida Gators OL transfer Chris Bleich gets a waiver to be eligible next Fall.

Not all of you stayed with football and basketball and lacrosse fans certainly agree that this one would be well-received

We’re interpreting this gift as being for both the Orange men and women’s lacrosse squads.

Some decided to think of other Syracuse teams

And Sean just wants to go back and right some historic wrongs

Got any other ideas- drop them in the comments and all of us here at Nunes Magician hope you get your wish this holiday season.