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‘Heim Time: Contrary to written opinion, Jim Boeheim is very happy

Jim Boeheim has been known as college basketball’s favorite curmudgeon. But is that not so?

Oakland v Syracuse Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

One of the best moments in any Jim Boeheim post-game press conference occurs when the Syracuse head coach turns to the forefather of the basketball beat in’s Mike Waters and asks, “Right, Mike?”

Because more often than not, something interesting is about to follow. That was the case after Syracuse’s win over North Florida on Saturday when a reporter asked Boeheim about Christmas, which led to this discussion from the Syracuse head coach.

“Contrary to written opinion I’m very happy,” Boeheim began. “I’ve been grumpy since I was 22. So I don’t think you want to tie that to the fact that I’m 75 and I’m grumpy. I was grumpy at no later than 30. Right, Mike?”

“I wasn’t here when you were 30,” Waters responded.

“Well 40, 45. Whatever. From the first day you’ve been here,” Boeheim replied.

Is it possible that Boeheim is suggesting he’s both grumpy and happy?

North Florida v Syracuse Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

Given Boeheim’s unique upbringing along with his successes and sanctions during his 44-year tenure with one institution, that’s magnified intrigue from fans and media members alike.

Boeheim is one of the most polarizing figures in college basketball history, which has given emergence to passionate supporters and ardent detractors at each end of the spectrum.

He’s also one of one in the college game. There’s never been another coach quite like him and there will never be another that follows after. For myriad reasons, Boeheim became a fascinating personality for writers to opine on. But the head coach has never liked it.

“I hate it when people try to psychoanalyze people when they have a writing degree. Its not good. It’s not a good thing. It’s not a good thing at all,” Boeheim said.

He has a point.

TNIAAM founder Sean Keeley often countered conventional opinion on Boeheim throughout the years and the many misconceptions that surround him. He’s as tough of a guy to pin down as anyone, so maybe folks shouldn’t try to begin with?

“Have a good Christmas,” Boeheim finished.