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Syracuse Basketball Podcast: Penn State, NIT Tourney wrap from Brooklyn

Bobby and James discuss Bourama Sidibe’s absence, Quincy Guerrier’s slow rise and an Orange team facing new issues every game. Is this going to be a long year?

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The Syracuse Basketball Pod went live from Brooklyn, where the Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team again squandered a New York City trip. Last year, the Orange suffered a similar setback but regrouped into conference play to reach the NCAAs.

Now Kevin and others are already talking NIT. A 4-3 start marks Syracuse’s worst since 1996, a similar season of rebuilding after a successful veteran core departed, but there are some attributes that could still make this team better despite their obvious shortcomings: bench play, rebounding and a fast-break defensive lapse that cost SU the Oklahoma State game.

We dove into Bourama Sidibe’s recent play, a setback for Joe Girard, Jalen Carey’s departure via injury and Quincy Guerrier’s progression. There’s some optimism baked in here somewhere too, between Guerrier’s potential rise, Syracuse’s own fast break and Elijah Hughes’ continued success even through the roughest portions of games. Plus, a fun story from James about his run-in with Michael Boynton. The relatively close episode log is below.

0:15-2:15 Syracuse loses two games in three days and shoots Bobby down early

2:15-3:30 Orange need more penetration from its playmakers

3:30-4:20 SU’s defense of recent years visibly missing

4:20-7:30 Bourama Sidibe sick, missing in action again, Quincy Guerrier steps up .

7:30-10:47 Girard rise hits a bump

10:47-14:50 Does Carey help this?

14:50-16:30 Wine break

16:30 19:30 James’ run-in with Oklahoma State’s coach

19:30-27:45 On to Iowa

27:45-end Are you giving up on this team?

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