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ORANGE, ASSEMBLE! Ranking the Syracuse football early signing day graphics

There was an idea, to bring together a collection of photoshop edits...

@CommitToCuse on Twitter

If there’s one thing you can be guaranteed during the early signing period/National Signing Day, it’s photoshop edits. In the ever increasing social media, teams employ parents, legos, and puppets to try and stand out from the rest of the noise.

The Syracuse Orange decided to cash in on the superhero wave and launch Orange Comics, featuring mashups of classic heroes and incoming recruits. As a comic fan and a Syracuse football fan, this was perfect. We decided to tier them out based on design and creativity below, based on how I’d watch the movie version of the comic book.

I’m Going Opening Night

Personally, the Orange Lantern and City Rob take the cake. The lantern design is clean and classic, while City Rob uses the cult favorite Static of Static Shock fame for inspiration. Huge props to the team for working in Silver Surfer, one of the weirdest characters, into this with some nice alliteration. Finally, Captain America and Gambit inspire Captain Canada and The Bully, both of which have solid art and comic accurate designs.

I’ll Watch With Friends

These are definitely more direct interpretations of heroes, and done well enough. Definitely a creative use of Iceman, and Steve is much higher on the Cyborg art for the Man/Machine cover than I am. The Showtime is probably the weakest in terms of design, but highest for me in terms of working in a weird character (Deadpool) into this whole theme.

Saving for FX Rerun

None of these are bad, but comparatively, they are going to keep me entertained late night while writing #JokesAndGarbage like this.

Again, kudos to the SU Graphics team for one of the more creative takes on National Signing day.