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Early signing period: Ranking Dino Babers’s Syracuse football welcome tweets

As always, Dino provided some enjoyable commentary on the new signees.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Duke James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

If nothing else, Dino Babers is an entertaining personality to have as the head coach of the Syracuse Orange football team. And that’s seemingly most apparent during the early signing period/national signing day, when he takes to Twitter with his best dad jokes, puns and other references to welcome SU’s new players into the Ohana.

You’ve enjoyed the previous iterations, and 2020 early signing day was no different. Babers once again delivers some gems very much keeping with this blog’s long tradition of jokes and garbage.

Below, is our collection of each of Babers’s 19 welcome tweets, from most entertaining to least entertaining.

1. Damien Alford

Attention air traffic control – Air Canada is heading straight to the Dome! The Orange Lantern from North of the border won’t be needing his passport to cross the goalline!

Lot of different nods to international travel, and a note around the “Orange Lantern” imagery that accompanied his welcome from @CuseFootball. This is the best mix of the bunch.

2. Ben LaBrosse

This kid paid the cost to be LaBrosse! Can’t wait for Captain Canada to join our family!

James Brown/Snoop Dogg reference is a winner.

3. Latarie Kinsler

Ferrari Latarie has one of the fastest first steps in the 2020 class! Can’t wait to get the Iceman up to the 315!

Speed’s a thing for this program, and the rhyming Ferrari comparison should get folks excited about Kinsler as an edge rusher.

4. Garth Barclay

You won’t like this PA lineman when he’s angry!

Simple and effective Hulk reference (also followed through on with the accompanying image).

5. Sean Tucker

Going, going, Sean! Flash Tucker is a home run hitter!

Excellent pun here that gets the additional “home run hitter” context. This one’s easy yet enjoyable.

6. Trebor Pena

Turn up the bass! Turn up the TREBOR! The Torch from NJ is going to get the Loud House rocking!

Trebor/Treble interchange is solid even without the T-Pain reference.

7. Kevin Lemieux

The Mutant is about to shred through ACC Offensive lineman! QBs beware!

If Lemieux was from Alberta, the Wolverine imagery would be perfect (it’s still pretty close), though not quite the same since he’s from Boston.

8. Steven Mahar

We didn’t have to Stretch very far to get Steven Mahar! Happy to have one of NY’s finest in Orange!

Quality rhyming, and the New York reference (Mahar is from Rochester) is a good one to get in there as a signal to in-state talent each year.

9. Maximilian Mang

The international takeover is hitting its MAX! Orange Nation welcome in Dr. Mang from Germany to the family!

To the point, “max” reference. And I enjoyed the “Doctor Mang”/Doctor Strange treatment quite a bit.

10. James Williams

James “The Boot” Williams is coming up from the Peach State to kick it with the Orange

Boot/kick it is fun, though we’ve tossed the “boot” nickname around with various punters in the past.

11. Justin Barron

All of Orange Nation needs to be on the lookout for BallHawk Eye! This one is going to be special!

Directly related to the “Ballhawk Eye” comics treatment they did for Barron. Good, but not necessarily adding to that image with the commentary.

12. Marlowe Wax

Showtime! This kid is ready to Wax the competition in the ACC next year!

“Wax the competition” sounds like something we’ll be hearing a lot of from ACC Network announcers.

13. Joshua Ilaoa

Aloha to Ilaoa! Welcome to the Orange ‘Ohana, Silver Savage!

Rhyming, Hawaii reference and then Ohana to close out. This is the template for success.

14. Ja’Vontae Williams

We just added a Tank to the offensive arsenal! Welcome home Ja’Vontae!

Simple, descriptive and leans into Williams’s established nickname. Nice work.

15. Leon Lowery

He may be the protector of the night, but Neon Leon Lowery is ready for prime time at the Dome!

So is he Dayman or Nightman? Being protector of the night would potentially imply he’s always ready for primetime, no? Still, good accompaniment to the treatment.

16. Mark Petry

This German lineman is ready to make his Mark in the Loud House! With The Punisher, No defensive lineman shall pass!

There’s a lot we could’ve done with “the Punisher” here. Making a Mark still works, however.

17. Robert Hanna

This Sunshine State DB will keep the 305 -> 315 connection going strong! Welcome home City Rob!

Not much going on, beyond pointing out SU’s ability to bring in South Florida talent.

18. Stefon Thompson

He helped his team get crowned the Kings of the Queen City – and now he is on the way to the Cuse to Bully the ACC! Welcome home Stefon!

Kings/Queen City (Charlotte) interplay’s solid.


Which were your favorites? Share your own choices below.