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Syracuse men’s basketball unveils new script throwback home and away uniforms

They’ll wear the road version against Georgetown on Saturday.

We bemoan plenty of things around here, but perhaps nothing more than football scheduling and uniforms. While there’s no news on the former today, the Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team unveiled something exciting related to the latter.

Syracuse now has throwback script uniforms, inspired by the ones the Orangemen wore from 1983-94. Appropriately, we’ll see the orange road version in action tomorrow at Georgetown. The home version will be on the court the following Saturday at the Dome against North Florida.

In the official release, SU says they’ll be available after January 1, so no dice on a late holiday gift. However, this gives you the easy option of just issuing IOUs to everyone you know, and then letting them cash them in come next year for one of these gorgeous jerseys.

Which do you prefer? Home? Road? Does it matter? The Orange have script uniforms again, and it appears they’ll wear them with some frequency. Rejoice!

And a closer look at these beauties...