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Don’t you dare wear Georgetown gear in Jim Boeheim’s home

Buddy Boeheim provides the exact story we can all aspire to as parents.

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NCAA Basketball: Iowa at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no surprise that Jim Boeheim cared a lot about the Syracuse vs. Georgetown rivalry in its heyday, but perhaps we didn’t realize he can get just as angry and emotional about it in his personal life as we do as fans. Talking to, Buddy Boeheim shed some light on what it was like growing up in Jim’s house when Georgetown was on the schedule — and how the Hoyas’ logo was not welcome to shadow the door.

“Georgetown gear was off limits. If my friends came in with Georgetown anything, I’d say You’ve got to change.’

First off, what kid in CNY has Georgetown gear lying around? Second, this is a dad move of the highest order — and one I wish to aspire to one day.

I’ve long said that the only school my kid can’t attend is Georgetown. And while that would seem ridiculous to most spouses, my wife is also a Syracuse alum, so she at least understands the basis of the point of view. Boeheim’s take on the Hoyas — to the point where his son would make friends change when they arrived — is an extension of that same perspective. Granted, maybe not healthy to have your kid THAT concerned about a sports shirt their friend is wearing, but I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same as a parent. At the very least, said friend is getting bugged about it the entire time they’re in my home.

This probably gives birth to some sort of list of rules in the Boeheim household, and if so, have at those in the comments. The rest of your links are also below.

Buddy Boeheim knew by his dad’s mood when Syracuse was playing Georgetown: ‘You could tell it meant more’ (

“It’s a game you want to win. The fans always come out for those games. It was never just a regular game.’’ Buddy said his older brother, Jimmy, who is now a junior at Cornell, would sometimes wear another school’s gear. That school was North Carolina. “Michael Jordan went there so I guess it was somewhat understandable,’’ Buddy said. “I could never relate. I thought he was crazy. My dad would get a little upset.”

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