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Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast: Discussing Jim Boeheim and Syracuse coaching

Despite Saturday’s win, it’s still worth talking about some things — and football.

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The Syracuse Orange men’s basketball bounced back in surprising fashion on Saturday... but does that just erase all of the concerns we had going into the game? There’s a lot of conversation to be had around Jim Boeheim and what could be adjusted around the team.

Some of the larger talking points:

  • Expanding on questions and concerns from after the Iowa loss
  • Deeper dive into Orange football assistant hires
  • What’s repeatable from SU vs. Georgia Tech, and what isn’t
  • Memphis football’s making a really weird hire away from their own formula
  • Syracuse is shortening the bench already, potentially to their own detriment
  • And related: Player development and how it’s changed in last five years
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Plan accordingly: This episode runs around 54 minutes. The first half’s about Boeheim and men’s basketball, while the second half is largely focused on Orange football assistant hires.

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