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Syracuse Basketball Podcast: Poor shooting downs Orange in opener vs. Virginia

Carmelo Anthony, the defending champs and recruits showed up alongside 22,000. But Syracuse lacked the adjustments to make the hope-filled event worth the price.

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Virginia v Syracuse Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images

The Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team lost to the Virginia Cavaliers in historic fashion at the Dome on Wednesday, as both offenses sunk an event the ACC hoped would boost its new network to prominence.

Jim Boeheim sounded off about the schedule decision, but his coaching staff largely lacked adjustments to dig into Virginia’s Pack Line defense. The game never became a blowout, but fans spilled to the exits with five minutes to go anyway. Joe Girard jumped into the game for some minutes at point, but Jalen Carey’s absence and Quincy Guerrier’s approach raised questions about the Orange’s ability to adjust this season in the biggest games.

This week on the Syracuse Basketball Podcast, Bobby and James dug into where opening night went so wrong for SU and why it’s probably best for everyone to end the ACC opener. Carmelo Anthony returned to the Dome as well, with a cool fan moment and some recruits in the house saving an otherwise wildly disappointing event.

0:00 Virginia thumps Syracuse at the Dome on opening night

2:47 UVA’s Pack Line keeps dominating the Orange, ACC

4:30 A lost opportunity for an event at the Dome, where’d it go wrong?

7:15 Syracuse’s one major adjustment: Joe Girard point minutes and a lack of Jalen Carey

11:40 SU never punched back in a game that was never a blowout

13:27 Do you like the ACC matchup for opening night?

18:10 Opener, opponent no excuse for offense looking THAT bad

20:04 Jim Boeheim changes the starting lineup, like it?

21:34 What’s up with Quincy Guerrier’s approach?

22:50 The ONE encouraging play, player from last night

26:10 Bourama Sidibe’s slow start continues

28:30 Robert Braswell, deep bench don’t get a shot

32:00 Could more press or man have helped?

34:26 Wine, Carmelo Anthony and a big night for a fan

43:00 Five-star recruit in the house with Melo

On to Colgate....

Plan accordingly: This episode runs about 48 minutes. First half’s all football maladies, and second half’s all SU vs. Virginia basketball.

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