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Taco Time: Syracuse basketball moves to 4-1 ATTS

The streak moves to four games.

Bucknell v Syracuse Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

Coming out of a media timeout early in the second half of Saturday’s victory over Bucknell, Syracuse men’s basketball guard Buddy Boeheim hit back-to-back three-pointers to put the Orange up 71-31. The second came with 14:39 left in the game and brought SU fans their fourth Taco Time of the season.

Ticket holders from the game will be able to enjoy a free taco at any participating Taco Bell restaurant by parting ways with their ticket stub.

Syracuse is now 4-1 against the taco spread (ATTS) in five regular season games this year. Elijah Hughes, Joe Girard III, and Jesse Edwards have also scored Taco Time for SU fans this season.

Syracuse basketball 2019-20 Taco Time record (ATTS): 4-1

November 6, Virginia - N/A

November 13, Colgate - Bell-ringer: Jesse Edwards

November 16, Seattle - Bell-ringer: Joe Girard

November 20, Cornell - Bell-ringer: Elijah Hughes

November 23, Bucknell - Bell-ringer: Buddy Boeheim

Leading Bell-ringer: Tied: Jesse Edwards (1), Joe Girard (1), Elijah Hughes (1), Buddy Boeheim (1)

Have you redeemed a taco this season? Let us know in the comment section below.