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Taco Time: Jesse Edwards gets Syracuse men’s basketball to 1-1 ATTS

The Orange reach 70 points for the first time this season.

Colgate v Syracuse Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

Last week, the Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team didn’t even make it halfway to Taco Time. But with 49 seconds remaining in Wednesday night’s 70-54 victory over Colgate, freshman center Jesse Edwards hit a mid-range baseline jumper to put the Orange up 70-52.

Ticket holders from the game will be able to enjoy a free taco at any participating Taco Bell restaurant.

Syracuse is now 1-1 against the taco spread (ATTS) in two regular season games this year.

SU’s next opponent, the Seattle Redhawks, are 2-2 on the year and have actually managed to be a high-scoring bunch with 83 points per game. However, the Redhawks have also allowed 76 points per game — including 81 to the DIII Pacific Oregon Boxers. So if you don’t get to redeem your ticket for a free taco after the Colgate win, Seattle should provide a pretty good opportunity for it on Saturday.

Syracuse basketball 2019-20 Taco Time record (ATTS): 1-1

November 6, Virginia - N/A

November 13, Colgate - Bell-ringer: Jesse Edwards

Leading Bell-ringer: Jesse Edwards (1)