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Game day beer picks: Syracuse vs. Boston College

Boston has plenty to choose from, and we may need it.

Pints Of Ale Photo By RDImages/Epics/Getty Images

The Syracuse Orange football team is really making this fall difficult. But there’s a chance that a game against the Boston College Eagles could break that up, even if just for one Saturday. If not, we’re going to need all the beer available.

Whether you’re at the Dome or watching this nooner at home on ACC Network, read below for our beer picks for before, during and after the matchup. You probably won’t be able to acquire at least one of these. Sorry in advance.

Syracuse Area Beer Pick: Local 315 Brewing Soul Kiss

A farm brewery out in Warners area, Local 315 is a great place to hit up on a nice sunny day, with some views out over the valleys and a good overall feeling to the site. Soul Kiss is their flagship DIPA, which is now available in cans. It trends towards the citrusy end of the DIPA spectrum, but definitively isn’t a New England. A great local pint if you can get it.

The breadth of beers that 315 produces also leads to some other top options, including their Touch of Grey grisette, and the Don’t Fear the Dark stout (specifically the coffee variant).

Boston College Beer Pick: Lamplighter Rabbit Rabbit

(We’ve picked Trilium in the past, so were going a different route — don’t yell at us. Also, Lamplighter’s in Cambridge. It’s all fine.)

To little surprise, hazy IPAs are popular in the greater Boston area, and it’s tough to make one that really stands above the rest given how much the style’s permeated the beer scene there, and throughout the country. And yet, Lamplighter’s Rabbit Rabbit is a winner as a juicy and tropical double IPA that is smooth and dangerously drinkable. Each sip brings hoppy pineapple and mango flavors to the fore, with a delicious and soft finish, too.

Los Angeles Beer Pick: Yorkshire Square The Jonathan

We’ve noted Yorkshire Square during past seasons, but it’s worth revisiting the Torrance brewery focused on real cask ales and a traditionally British style of brewing. The Jonathan is their English Porter, which features nice, chocolate notes and a malty character, plus some coffee in there. It manages to be light without being thin, something the best English-style porters are usually able to pull off. In a county full of big, adjunct-laden dark beers, it manages to stand out as a very enjoyable drink just the same.


How about you? What are you pouring this weekend?