Nunes Voting/Results 10.6

Viewers were treated to 15 punts and 13 points during Fox's telecast of unranked Michigan's win over #17 Iowa Saturday. The teams also combined for 5 turnovers. Once again, there seemed to be a clear disconnect between the game being played on the field and the one the fox broadcast crew thought they were watching. I'm pretty sure I was watching a slow, grinding, early kick-off, snooze fest between two incompetent offenses for two schools that aren't going anywhere this year. The Broadcast crew must have had a replay of the Vince Young/Reggie Bush Rose Bowl playing in the booth because for reasons I still fail to comprehend, they seemed really excited about the whole affair, and enthusiastic about Michigan's Big Ten Title hopes and perhaps even playoff chances. I on the other hand came away thinking Army going to double OT in Ann Arbor wasn't all that impressive in hindsight. I get that Fox signs their checks, and they need to try to keep viewers interested, even when two crappy teams are struggling through a yawner of a game, but you can still keep your dignity. Granted, any dignity they had may have died a couple weeks ago when they described Michigan State's defense as not just the best in the country this year, but perhaps one of the greatest of all time, during MSU's loss to a then unranked non-conference opponent despite the referee's best efforts to help Sparty steal one at home.

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Nunes Top 25 Results, and a few other Scores of varying degrees of interest

#2 Oklahoma 45, Kansas 20

#3 Ohio State 34, Michigan State 10

#4 LSU 42, Utah State 6

#6 Georgia 43, Tennessee 14

#16 Florida 24, #7 Auburn 13

#8 Wisconsin 48, Kent State 0

#9 Oregon 17, California 7

#10 Texas 42, West Virginia 31

#11 Boise State 38, UNLV 13

#12 Notre Dame 52, Bowling Green 0

#13 Penn State 35, Purdue 7

Stanford 23, #14 Washington 13

Michigan 10, #17 Iowa 3

Texas Tech 45, #21 Oklahoma State 35

#22 SMU 43, Tulsa 37 3OT

#24 Memphis 52, UL-Monroe 33

#25 North Dakota State 37, Illinois State 3

Arizona 35, Colorado 30

Cincinnati 27, Central Florida 24

Baylor 31, Kansas State 3-2

Tulane 42, Army 33

Navy 34, Air Force 25

Iowa State 49, TCU 24

Minnesota 40, Illinois 17

Toledo 31, Western Michigan 24

Missouri 42, Troy 10

Nebraska 13, Northwestern 10

Pittsburgh 33, Duke 30

Temple 27, East Carolina 17