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Syracuse football wearing all-orange uniforms vs. Boston College

Halloween inspires SU to stay on-brand.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Though today may be Halloween, the Syracuse Orange football team appears to be extending the holiday a couple more days with their uniform choice against the Boston College Eagles.

Syracuse will be wearing all-orange for the game — the second time they’ll do so this season, and the first time they’re doing so at home. Last time SU donned all-orange was on the road against NC State (a loss).

Looking at the full season, it’s the fifth straight game they’ll wear orange helmets, and the seventh game out of nine this year. Syracuse is 2-4 in those games so far. The Orange are also 1-1 when they wear orange jerseys, and 1-3 in orange pants. So not the best sign if you’re looking for some good omens on the uniform front.

This works, right? Should SU have introduced a one-time black jersey to hammer home the theme? Will BC wear black? Think it’s probably fair that the Orange wear all orange for every game right around Halloween going forward.