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Syracuse men’s basketball unveils new road uniforms for 2019-20

Nothing crazy new, but “new” nonetheless.

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at Virginia Tech Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

While it doesn’t appear we’ll get a major overhaul to the Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team’s uniforms for 2019-20, we do know at least some subtle changes now. SU tweeted out a video of Elijah Hughes on Wednesday night featuring the new duds:

The “SYRACUSE” across the front of the jersey stays the same, but there’s been a decent amount of blue added everywhere else — a welcome sign after they’ve largely eliminated it from the visual identity in recent years (while the football team’s overdosed there). Along with adding it to the shorts, Syracuse also has it included in the new jersey side panels, which have drifted north from where they used to be on the shorts.

You’ll probably recognize the white, blue and orange side panels a bit from the Louie and Bouie Show-era uniforms, so that’s a welcome addition to the set (and hopefully it carries over to the home uniforms as well). Also, the gold “CUSE” on the back neckline is also new, perhaps signifying SU’s 2003 national title? The NBA has something similar on the neckline of jerseys for teams that have won championships.

So no script, and not a wholesale adjustment to the duds the Orange have largely been wearing since spring 2007. But it’s at least incorporating some nods to the past, which seems like a step in the right direction.