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Canada’s College Team title will be decided in the Dome

Carleton puts their USports title on the line against Syracuse.

Daemon v Syracuse
Quincy Guerrier puts school over country
Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

In the Carrier Dome on Tuesday night, the 14-time Canadian champion Carleton Ravens will take on the Syracuse Orange. It’s technically an exhibition game, but in reality it’s a battle to truly be called #CanadasCollegeTeam.

The last time a Canadian champion crossed the border to challenge America in this manner was when Lance Storm put the prestigous Saskatchewan Hardcore International Title on the line in the early 2000s. Will the Orange be ready for the Ravens?

Syracuse has won the last two meetings of these teams but had to come back from halftime deficits in both contests. Thankfully for the Orange their power play was clicking and they got timely saves to win....oh wait sorry mixing up sports there. What I meant to say was that each time Carleton threatened to take the lead Syracuse was able to tack on an extra point with a rouge to hold off the Ravens’ rally.

Carleton comes into Tuesday night’s game with an 8-1 record and a trio of crafty 5th year guards in Yasiin Joseph, Marcus Anderson and Stanley Mayambo. If you’re confused as to how these players can be in their 5th season of eligibility well that’s how the exchange rate works. Since this game is played under Canadian rules that’s just one thing the Orange will need to overcome if they want to take Carleton’s title away.

Also at stake for Syracuse will be the ability to add Ottawa to the list of Canadian cities that are claimed by the Orange. With Toronto, Montreal and Mississauga already flying the Block S flag, it’s time to recapture the Canadian capital. Syracuse will be looking to Quincy Guerrier and temporary Canadian Howard Washington to try and propel the Orange into Heure de Poutine which will come when they reach the 67-point threshold.

The stakes are high on Tuesday night. Which of Canada’s chosen squads will prevail? Tune into ACCNX or TSN to find out.