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Following up on Syracuse’s targeting calls vs. Holy Cross

You may still be annoyed, but apparently the calls are correct.

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Holy Cross v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The Syracuse Orange had a fairly uneventful win over Holy Cross on Saturday, save a few moments here and there. Two of those more notable happenings were targeting calls against Orange defenders Tyrell Richards and Andrew Tuazama, respectively.

Personally, wasn’t surprised at all with the second, but the first led to some head-scratching (and the same went for much of the SU fan base). Richards came at the quarterback unblocked and led with his forearms. However, he lowered his head before completing the sack. And that, apparently is the key to him getting flagged.

The Daily Orange spoke to Terry McAulay, the former coordinator of football officiating for the Big East, about the hits and he agreed with both calls winding up “targeting.” Tuazama’s was pretty cut-and-dry, but Richards’s really did come down to lowering the helmet, despite what he led with.

I was adamant that the call was wrong on Saturday, and while I still don’t agree with the rule as it stands, Richards probably could’ve went lower, or avoided lowering his helmet before tackling Connor Degenhardt. The replay shows there was some time for adjustment, and with the rules written the way they are, it’s tough to argue against the penalty and ejection.

Of course, Syracuse has seen its fair share of bad hits against quarterbacks in recent years — especially with regard to Eric Dungey, who took quite a few from 2015 to 2018. While some of those were flagged, plenty weren’t and some of that potentially gets chalked up to how Dungey seemed to court contact. There was also a suplex move some may have remembered from the SU-Clemson game at the Dome several years back — one that looked much worse than what Trill Williams was flagged for against Holy Cross (not a targeting call, but a personal foul). The linebacker in question, Ben Boulware, was celebrated for such a tackle. At least he was flagged at the time.

This may sound like a lot of complaining about officiating, but more, we’re just looking back at what occurred in light of the D.O.’s interview. Hopefully SU just avoids the same sort of behavior going forward, so it’s not an issue.

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