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Syracuse Basketball Podcast: Dolezaj’s rise, Orange and White scrimmage, Boeheim 44

Recounting the biggest takeaways from media day and the scrimmage — our first real view of the 2019-20 Orange.

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Bobby Manning and James Szuba ventured to the Syracuse Orange men’s basketball media day and scrimmage last week. What happened to the days of Jadakiss, the stage and Seth Greenberg?

SU couldn’t get the nets right for the skills competition, scratched the dunk contest and only a small crowd showed up to watch the team. Hours earlier, Jim Boeheim kicked off year 44 warning against underrating a roster of unsung veterans and an influx of talented freshmen. He also declared a competition that surprised James.

Marek Dolezaj became the story of the day. Lauded as part of Syracuse’s experienced core and dishing passes as a secondary ball-handler, he could be crucial to the new-look Orange offense.

That stuck out most from our first impression. This is all new, fresh, albeit sloppy.

Jalen Carey appeared in control and Brycen Goodine annihilated the three-point contest (12-for-15). Quincy Guerrier thrived in the skills competition and from the three-point line. Buddy Boeheim dueled Joe Girard in the scrimmage’s second half, knocking down two deep bombs late to secure white victory. Could Boeheim become the face of this team?

We broke down each aspect of the roster, and where everyone stands after our first glimpse. Plus, the other surprises from media day interviews and the return of Howard Washington. Orange basketball is back, stick with Bobby and James for college hoop talk all season.

0:33 Orange basketball is back, and feels fresh

4:03 Marek Dolezaj likely headed back to center minutes

7:32 Dolezaj or Quincy Guerrier poised for PF role?

9:30 Equal opportunity offense?

10:45 Buddy Boeheim is the best shooter on the Orange, Klay?

13:45 Jalen Carey looking like Jalen Carey

16:00 Could Brycen Goodine start at point guard?

19:00 More man-to-man, or put it to bed?

20:30 Halftime wine break

23:00 Biggest media day surprise

23:45 Bourama Sidibe...finally healthy?

26:48 The skills competition was brutal!

29:16 Canada pipeline continues for basketball

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