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Syracuse releases week 7 depth chart ahead of Pittsburgh

The Orange look to rebound off the NC State loss with a few minor changes to the depth chart.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The depth chart, over the past few weeks has stayed approximately the same for the Syracuse Orange. The now standard “OR” designations are abound still for this Friday’s matchup with the Pittsburgh Panthers. Only some minor changes to the two deep this week, mostly reflecting what we’ve already seen in the field.

Not a whole lot of change for the Orange this week, but a few notes include the following:

The offensive line shuffle that we saw last week is back to the listings from prior to the N.C. State depth chart. Vettorello at LT, Servais at C, and Alexander at RT are the primary listings, all with “OR” designations.

Chris Elmore makes his defensive debut on the depth chart as he officially moves into the DT2 spot in place of Shaq Grosvenor. This is reflective of what we saw on Thursday night. He has been seeing the field there and should continue to improve with reps.

Finally, Andre Cisco and Ifeatu Melifonwu look to still be working on returning from the injuries picked up against Western Michigan that have kept them out for a few weeks now. As such, both still have “OR” tags at their preferred positions, though Eric Coley is now listed as Cisco’s backup and Antwan Cordy is listed behind Melifonwu in lieu of Scoop Bradshaw. Bradshaw is listed as the CB2 behind Chris Fredrick. Cisco dressed last week against NC State, but didn’t play in the game.