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Syracuse lost the battle, but may have won the war in ACC country

Welcome to Wegmans, North Carolina’s new favorite grocery store!

People shop at Wegmans Foods store in Fa Photo credit should read JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images

While watching an absolutely terrible football game down in Raleigh, N.C. on Thursday night, it was easy to feel defeated. Before we even saw the horrendous final result, horrendous final drive and other horrendous happenings, there was just a lot of bad football to be had. We — the Syracuse Orange and the collective viewership — seemed to lose the battle at Carter-Finley Stadium.

However, that feeling was eliminated to some extent during the game, when this appeared on the video board.

For those unaware, Wegmans finally opened in North Carolina — to all the pomp and circumstance it deserves in the land of subpar options like Food Lion. And after visiting the store itself for a quality check, I can confirm that it is every bit a Wegmans, and maybe more. The expansive location almost came off as a Wegmans-centric theme park with North Carolinians flocking into the place in impressive numbers. Lines wrapped around every station on a Friday afternoon, and yes, the sandwiches are just as good as what CNY’s locations had to offer (I double-checked Danny’s Favorite just to be sure).

Though we may have retired the “Northern Football” aggressions of the Scott Shafer era, SU and the state of North Carolina have continued the original spirit since. From Chick-fil-A heading to the Syracuse area, to Jim Boeheim’s back-and-forth with Greensboro, it’s been an ongoing battle. However, Wegmans’ appearance could mark the end.

The popularity of the store so far is a big deal, and sponsoring NC State football seems to be a shot across the bow that will make it hard for the Old North State to come back from. Even though Syracuse found itself on the wrong end of the final score this past Thursday, that Wegmans video board appearance does seem to signal a larger-scale victory seven years into our stay in the ACC.

(and if not, guess we’re taking the fight to Publix next)