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Syracuse Men’s Basketball reveals new Carrier Dome court design

Jim Boeheim court gets a new look for Jimmy B’s 44th season at the helm of the program

Syracuse Men’s Basketball Twitter

As we inch closer to basketball season, the Syracuse Orange men’s team have already showed us a new road look they’ll be rocking this season. We assumed there’d be a new look for home games and we were right... sort of.

The newly designed court is to commemorate Jim Boeheim’s 44th season as Syracuse head coach. It features a new design, the return of blue as an accent color, and a line of retired jerseys along the end line closest to the media.

Interestingly, Carrier still gets a sponsorship sticker and the Pearl 31 spot is no longer on halfcourt. His number is included among the list of retired numebrs. Speaking of which, these are very off centered, leading me to assume there will be more number retirements this year or in the very near future.

The Orange Uniform Guard Twitter account came up with a concept that eliminates some of the blue and mimics the retro paneling unveiled on the new basketball road jerseys.

What are your thoughts on the court? Love it? Hate? Let us know in the comments.