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Looking at some missed Syracuse athlete endorsement opportunities

The new California law is too late for these former Orange athletes but we can still joke about it

Notre Dame v Syracuse Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

With yesterday’s signing of SB-206 by Califonia Governon Gavin Newsom there is movement towards a time when college athletes will be able to profit from use of their name and likeness.

While it’s too early to tell how this will all shake out, it’s unfortunately too late for all of the incredible Syracuse Orange endorsements we’ve already missed out on. Thankfully we compiled a list of some of those we wish we had seen and of course we want to hear yours in the comments. (Note that we excluded any current athletes because we don’t want any confusion about endorsements)

Eric Dungey- Adirondack Beverages’ Grape Soda

I mean what else were you expecting

Dion Waiters- Chuck’s

You know you’d be all over the “Humble and Hungry Happy Hour” down at Hungry Charley’s.

Riley Dixon- Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician

This one might actually still have a chance to happen, so Riley have your people get in touch with our people.

Scoop Jardine- Gannon’s Ice Cream

The best homemade ice cream in Syracuse would put the former point guard in a series of spots with the tagline “How many scoops of Gannon’s should Scoop scoop for you?”

Kristof Ongeneat- Funk N Waffles

Nice call by Jon Barnhart on this one.

Charley Loeb- Charney’s Menswear

“Charney’s suits will make you ridiculously good looking or you’ll get your money back.” On second thought it’s probably better for Charney’s that this never happened.

Alexis Petersen- Burdick Lexus

NCAA Womens Basketball: Notre Dame at Syracuse
“Nothing drives the lane better than Alexis”
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

I mean that just really writes itself.

Roos Weers- KangaROOS shoes

Come on and sing along with me

“What shoes does Roos choose?

Roos will choose her KangaROOS shoes”


Ok I’m being told I need to stop right there so now it’s your turn in the comments below.