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Szuba: Video recap of Syracuse basketball’s win at Notre Dame

Back with the road game video recaps.

Syracuse v Notre Dame Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Hey gang, back by unpopular demand are the road game video recaps. The Syracuse Orange are now 2-0 in road games this year (Ohio State road win in November) and as of today, Notre Dame is 71 in the NET so that qualifies as Syracuse’s first quadrant 2 victory of the season.

Should Notre Dame move up in NET, this game could potentially be categorized as a quadrant one win along with the Ohio State victory, so something to monitor as we go forward.

Anyway, if you weren’t paying attention I was in South Bend this weekend and covered yesterday’s game so I figured we could make these a theme since a few of you took to it the last time (for some reason).

I also tried to throw a few stats in there for those who requested it the last time around. Cheers! Feel free to drop a comment below on anything else you’d like in there.