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#FakeNunes previews the Syracuse Orange vs Virginia Tech Hokies

Bring your mop game

NCAA Basketball: Virginia Tech at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Can the Syracuse Orange venture into Blacksburg and emerge with a win?

Opponent: Virginia Tech Hokies

Location: Blacksburg, VA

Students: 34,440

The 2019 Fake Nunes Equation of Tumult (#FNET)

You wanted something more ridiculous than RPI well the NCAA gave you NET and we give you the FNET

Head Coach Bench Attire:

Trying to ditch his image as the “sweaty coach” Buzz Williams has stepped his fashion game up. Now he’s courtside looking like a marketing executive who isn’t thrilled with your latest pitch.

NCAA Basketball: Boston College at Virginia Tech Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

Advantage: Push. Neither coach looks comfortable on the sidelines and both could benefit from playing it a little more casual

NBA 2K Playability:

Virginia Tech came into the season as the more explosive offensive team and Nickell Alexander-Walker is projected as a 1st round pick. We think they’d have better shooting ratings and no one wins video game contests if they can’t make shots.

Advantage: Virginia Tech

Basketball Program Hashtag:

#CuseMode vs #getBETTER

Seeking improvement is noble and something all of us should try to do in our lives but why are you yelling? This doesn’t help Buzz’s crazy image.

Advantage: Virginia Tech because we know what it means to get better but no one’s discovered what happens when you go CuseMode.

ACC Social Media Favorites:

Buzz dances across the court and compliments your mother on her delicious meatloaf recipe. Boeheim don’t dance now - he makes money moves.

Advantage: Virginia Tech because Blacksburg might as well be in the Carolinas

NCAA Basketball: Georgia Tech at Syracuse
“Tyus I’m telling you pilates would do wonders for your pliability.
Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Boeheim Jacket Toss Meter

8.7/10 Jim is not going to let Buzz show him by ditching the sports coat and rolling up his sleeves.


Buzz Williams is going to be 5 feet out on the court for about 75% of this game and your spouse is going to be sick of you pointing it and yelling “That should be a technical foul”. As for the game it’s going to be one you’ll be sweating out until the end....Va Tech 77 Syracuse 76.

Buzz Williams Drip