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Taco Time: Frank Howard rings the bell for first time in 2018-19 Syracuse basketball season

Free Taco Bell from Syracuse basketball.

NCAA Basketball: Pittsburgh at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

After a three week hiatus, the Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team returned to Taco Time form on Saturday against the Pittsburgh Panthers. Syracuse won by a final score of 74-63 and senior guard Frank Howard rang the bell for the first time this season. His free throw with 58 seconds left pushed Syracuse over the 70 point threshold. Howard was 4-4 from the line down the stretch.

For those of you brave enough to venture out into the snowstorm (and also brave enough to put Taco Bell into your digestive system), you can redeem your ticket at participating locations for a free taco.

That pushes Syracuse to 9-6 on the season against the taco spread including the two exhibition games. Nobody is really close to Tyus Battle for leading bell-ringer though. He’s authorized free tacos five times this year — the next closest is Buddy Boeheim with two.

See TNIAAM Taco Tracker stats below.

Syracuse 2018-19 Taco Time Record (ATTS): 9-6

  • October 25, St. Rose - Bell-ringer: Tyus Battle
  • October 31, Le Moyne - Bell-ringer: Buddy Boeheim
  • November 6, Eastern Washington - N/A
  • November 10, Morehead State - Bell-ringer: Tyus Battle
  • November 21, Colgate - Bell-ringer: Elijah Hughes
  • December 1, Cornell - N/A
  • December 4, Northeastern - Bell-ringer: Buddy Boeheim
  • December 8, Georgetown - Bell-ringer: Tyus Battle
  • December 15, Old Dominion - N/A
  • December 18, Buffalo - N/A
  • December 22, Arkansas State - Bell-ringer: Tyus Battle
  • December 29, St. Bonaventure - Bell-ringer: Tyus Battle
  • January 9, Clemson - N/A
  • January 12, Georgia Tech - N/A
  • January 19, Pittsburgh - Bell-ringer: Frank Howard

Leading Bell-ringer: Tyus Battle (5)

Is it a pie chart or a taco chart?

Any Syracuse fans out there actually redeeming these tacos? Perhaps SUA should pursue a different promotion for 70+ points? Maybe it’d be better to offer a free small Dunkin’ Donuts coffee or donut instead (or a free Hofmann). Join in on the discussion below.