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Hey Drake, we don’t believe in curses

#CanadasCollegeTeam welcomes you... as long as you don’t bring Chipotle with you.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Toronto Raptors Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Drake,

We know you’re busy feuding with John’s guy Kanye over something or other, but the Syracuse Orange want to let you know we don’t care what they say about you. We know that people are taking a lot of shots at you saying you cursed Alabama. Look at this #DISRESPEKT for example.

We saw the photos with you and Coach Cal and Conor McGregor with this notion of a “Drake Curse,” and we want to extend an invitation. Join the Orange Ohana. That’s right. We welcome your fandom in the 315. We are #CanadasCollegeTeam and we would be proud to have you. We’ll be real with you: You’ll never be our favorite Torontonite? Torontonian? person from the #6ix but lots of great people finish behind Justyn Knight. There’s no shame in that.

We’re not afraid of some silly curse (unless it’s about Chipotle... that one’s real). We’re Syracuse fans.

We have handled brutal winters, Jim Burr and the Greg Robinson Era. The only thing we fear is random bench guys getting hot from the 3-point line against the zone. Of course you’ll have to break up this thing with Kentucky basketball but we welcome your continued support of the Raptors. Ask Malachi Richardson how good it felt when we made that Elite Eight comeback against Virginia. Go talk to Alex Bono about the sense of pride in the community. I’m sure Leo Rautins will tell you that Block Party concert you performed is nothing like the Dome during a big game.

You should know that Boeheim’s always been a “Checks over Stripes” guy. He’s been down since the beginning and seriously have you seen Dino Babers’ locker room speeches? I mean you talk about someone with a lot of energy, Dino’s always got us in our feelings.

Anyway Drake we just want you to know that we have our haters too and we pay them no mind. Canada’s College Team is just down the road and we’re ready for more really big rings around here. We’ve got Heim’s Plan and we’re ready for you, eh.


Your friends at TNIAAM