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This shirt needs to be the official fan uniform of the Syracuse Orange

Or just the football uniform... that’s cool, too.

The Syracuse Orange football team took the field on Friday with the same uniforms we’ve come to expect at this point... while Illinois basically wears what we should be wearing.

But rather than get bummed about that, it’s far more important to get excited about the possibilities of this t-shirt.

These amazing t-shirts, which you can buy over on, are everything Syracuse related gear isn’t: Loud, outlandish, features happy Otto, and of course, IS ACTUALLY ORANGE.

Now, I’d be fine with the football team just putting these on as their game jerseys. But in lieu of that unlikelihood, perhaps we “control the controllables” to quote some coach-speak. Why not make it the official fan uniform of the Syracuse Orange?

Sure, people own orange blazers and full orange suits that they wear to the Carrier Dome here and there. But that takes effort and time and money. This, on the other hand, is minimal buy-in. Just put on a t-shirt and roll up to the Dome. When you arrive, your shirt will look more orange than anything SU is wearing on the field — and with NONE of the #PLATINUM you’ll probably see on the actual uniforms either.

Though it’s tough to pick exactly what the best thing is about the shirt, this is the internet, so we have to rank out the elements from best to almost-best:

1. Pocket square (!!!)

2. Happy Otto

3. Oranges on the tie

4. Oranges on the entire jacket, which elevates their presence on the tie

5. Block S on the lapel

... really the only thing that could make this any better is putting the recently resurgent script Syracuse logo on the back instead of the block “CUSE.”

So are you running out to buy it? Does Syracuse have the official fan uniform pre-stocked on the Hill? Arm your sleeves (sleeve your arms) today.