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Syracuse men’s soccer draws 1-1 against Colgate.

The Orange couldn’t scrape more than a point, even after dominating most of the match.

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It was a hard fought night for the Syracuse Orange, battling the local Colgate Raiders to a 1-1 draw at the SU Soccer stadium. The Orange continue to get results in the non-conference, moving their record to 3-1-1 on the year, and 3-3-1 overall. They’ll walk away from this one wishing that they got three points though. The story of this match was Syracuse looking the better side and Colgate almost finishing to take the lead multiple times.

Syracuse trotted out in a 3-5-2 that we’ve been seeing on occasion. Jan Breitenmoser was likely out with the injury sustained on Friday, with freshman Michael Lantry filling in at the left wingback role for him. Djimon Johnson started as the other wing in lieu of John-Austin Ricks, likely being rested and coming off an injury as well. Freshman Hilli Goldhar also got the nod as the right forward.

Colgate started the match immediately pressing high and putting the pressure on a Syracuse squad who was caught flat-footed. The Orange proceeded to play through the pressure and were able to put a few shots on, but nothing that really challenged the Raiders. The wingbacks really pushed forward, Ryan Raposo took a side volley on some great build up play, and Hugo Delhommelle served in a few balls, but nothing was to come of the chances that were offered.

“The game did open up, though, and both teams got some chances and probably felt that they could have nicked it. But it was probably a fair result.“ - Coach Ian McIntyre

With 18 minutes left in the half, Tajon Buchanan made his return from injury, sporting a nice, new brace on his knee. Freshman Julio Fulcar also came in and got his first minutes on the year. Severin Soirle, Lucas Rubio and the aforementioned Ricks all grabbed minutes in the first half, giving some run to folks and getting some experience for those coming back from injury.

When the Orange came out in the second half, it was an entirely new look, trotted out late in the first half, with the Orange in a 4-3-3. Coach Ian McIntyre note that they squad was using the formation to shore up the back line, and it also gives the wings a guaranteed higher positioning and should hypothetically allow you to play through the middle and create more space with the forwards out wide. Instead, the Syracuse midfield was sort of missing for portions of the second half, conceding space repeatedly to the Colgate attack.

In the 69th minute, Colgate was able to break through and put a rebound off the crossbar home for the lead. The Orange was forced to push from there, chasing the game for the remainder. They were able to mount a few attacks, resulting in a 77th minute equalizer, with Sondre Norheim nodding on a beautiful Delhommelle set piece service. The Orange proceeded to finish off regulation and the two overtimes, scoreless and settled for the draw on the day. There were plenty of chances against both Hilpert and Jacob Harris.

Overall the Orange had a strong showing that showed up just short. It really was a solid effort on the night. Their next match is on Friday against Virginia Tech at 7pm. The match will be streamed via ESPN+.