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Dino Babers delivers another rousing locker room speech after Syracuse win

Babers is among the best in the business in terms of getting the people going after games.

NCAA Football: Wagner at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

As you know by now, the Syracuse Orange beat the Florida State Seminoles, 30-7 on Saturday.

And given how FSU’s struggled so far, sure it doesn’t have the same impact as the Clemson or Virginia Tech upsets. But Dino Babers had to commemorate the moment with yet another big locker room speech.

You’ll remember when he reminded everyone that it’s not their fault, and they didn’t know after beating the Hokies. And when he followed that up last year against Clemson. This time around, we get mentions of the Beatles (“the last time (we beat FSU) the Beatles were hot”) and a shoutout to the 1966 Mustang.

We’ll put aside the Beatles note since they’ve always been pretty popular. Dino takes’em to church and doesn’t have time for Billboard charts.

He also says hi to the assorted haters, and tells the Orange to remember who was on the bandwagon early. So if you still own your #IStandWithShafer shirt, perhaps it’s time to bid it adieu.

Check out the full video from Babers below, as he closes with the now customary “WHOSE HOUSE? OUR HOUSE!” call. And if someone finds a way to spot Eric Dungey in that gaggle (I didn’t see him), shout that out too.