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What’s inside Florida State’s turnover backpack?

The other points they were going to score against Samford, perhaps?


In the wake of the Miami Hurricanes’ popular turnover chain (and Kennesaw State’s even better turnover plank) last year, there have been a bevy of would-be imitators this season.

Among the most notable has been the Florida State Seminoles, who rolled out a turnover... backpack this past Saturday against Stamford.

Plenty of fans and media members have derided the expensive prop since its debut, but here, we want to celebrate its utility. So to answer the question that’s likely on EVERYONE’s mind:

What’s in the turnover backpack?

Like explorers of old, Florida State has been using the backpack to collect artifacts from around the ACC (and points beyond). They’re not trophies, per se. Just keepsakes to remind themselves of past opponents. This is “definitely” what’s in the bag, and don’t even bother Googling it or searching for information that refutes this.

North Carolina homework

UNC certainly doesn’t need their classwork, so they were happy to lend it to FSU for safe keeping.

Free Shoes

Crab Legs from Publix

These were left by Jameis Winston as a touchdown trophy, but it never caught on.

This NC State fan

Immortalized back in 2012, this man has become an iconic gif. Don’t ask how they included a physical gif or a large adult man in a bag but this thing is a miracle of science.

7th Floor Crew’s mixtape

They don’t want to talk about it anymore, but Miami’s “Seventh Floor Crew” was spitting fire before Drake was magically cured of his affliction, leapt out of a wheelchair and began to inhabit a permanent place on the music charts. FSU keeps the mixtape for safe keeping and will play it on command when in the presence of Greg Olsen.

Coach K’s soul

No, the ‘Noles aren’t Dementors. It’s just the only way to legitimize how Duke’s been able to recruit at this high of a level the past few years.

Egnaro the Troll


The Hangman board from 2013

When you’re up 59-3, it gets tough to really care about the on-field action anymore...

Rick Pitino’s book, plus Bobby Petrino’s pride

Self explanatory. Not like Bobby needs the latter item at this or any juncture.

UMBC 16-seed victory commemorative t-shirt

You never know when you may get into an argument with a Hoos fan about varsity squash and need to bust this gem out.


What else would you store in the turnover backpack? Present your own ideas below.

(h/t to RockLloyd, Ex-Townie and Orangeman: Fighter of the Nightman for spawning this idea)